SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES - TOKYO 2020 gets new 'mini-games'

While the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been pushed to 2021 due to the COVID- 19 crisis, SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES- TOKYO 2020 gets even better as Sega announces new details on the gameplay.

SEGA’S SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES is a sports action mobile game set in Tokyo 2020 Olympics and is a spinoff of the 2019’s MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES- TOKYO 2020, which was released on Nintendo Switch. The game has playable characters from Sega’s popular Sonic: The Hedgehog series like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr.Eggman and many more, along with a wide range of gaming modes or “Events” ranging from Karate to Table Tennis, etc.


SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES- TOKYO 2020 is up for pre-registration on Android and iOS devices and is set for a worldwide release on May 7th, 2020.  For more interesting details and updates on this game, check out the official page here.

So far Sega has laid out essential gaming details about the various Events and Ex- Events, the story mode, the Global ranking system and a list of playable characters. In a new video released by the official channel SegaAmerica on Youtube, the Mini Games feature is said to be integrated with this already substantial and diverse gameplay. There are 5 mini-games where you can practice and improve your skills and put them to test in a fun way.


  • TOKYO SKYTREE Jump – Play as Sonic and jump over from one cloud to the other as you race against Tails around the world’s largest tower to the top.
  • Quiz Challenge – Test your knowledge on the world of Sonic.
  • Egg Pawn Rush – Help Knuckles in stopping the pawns of Dr. Eggman from crossing the line.
  • Number Lock – Test your memory with Tails.
  • Claw Game – Help those Cubots and Orbots as you claw them out in a classical toy crane style game.
  • Souvenir Search – Another memory test in the form of a card game where you choose identical pairs from the deck.

With the exception of the Claw Game, it can be assumed that the rest will run by a timer for some quick and fun gaming as seen in the preview.

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SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES- TOKYO 2020 has achieved a goal of 1.5 million pre-registrations as of now and is offering people with amazing rewards before they reach a goal of 1.75 million registrations. Fans of both Sonic and mobile gaming don’t have to wait much longer as it releases worldwide on 7th May 2020 on both Android and iOS.