Free Fire Character Marathon Event Details

After Wonderland Event, Free Fire is getting another big event in the game called 'Character Marathon.' By the way, Free Fire Wonderland Event has not ended yet and is live in the game until 26th April. 

The new Free Fire Character Marathon event has made its entry to the game but not completely. The official Facebook Page of Free Fire indicated nothing but gives a hint that 'Character Marathon' is going to bring a lot in the game.


A new section 'Character Marathon' has been added beside the 'FF Wonderland' in the game for the new event. Just like the Wonderland Event, Free Fire Character Marathon Event is also expected to be available in several parts and going to offer 10,000+ Character Fragments as rewards. The first part of the Character Marathon has been added as 'Let's BOOYAH!'.

In the Free Fire, Character Marathon -> Let's BOOYAH! Tab, you can access this new event. The Free Fire Let's BOOYAH! Event is available in the game from 22nd April to 26th April 2020. As mentioned above, this is not going to be the only event of Character Marathon; a lot more is coming soon.

So now understand what Is Free Fire Let's BOOYAH! Event? During this event, you need to complete five tasks that reward you with the character fragments. A total of 1,000 fragments are available to collect in the Free Fire BOOYAH! Event. As the name of the event itself suggest, 'Booyah,' so all the tasks of the event are related to Booyah only.

The Tasks to complete in Free Fire Let's BOOYAH! event include:

  1. Booyah 1 time in Classic or Rank Mode
  2. Booyah 2 times in Classic or Rank Mode
  3. Booyah 3 times in Classic or Rank Mode
  4. Booyah 4 times in Classic or Rank Mode
  5. Booyah 5 times in Classic or Rank Mode

As you can see, these tasks can only be completed in the Classic or Rank Mode only; you cannot complete the tasks by playing Modes like Team Deathmatch and others. So Get ready to BOOYAH! before the Free Fire Let's BOOYAH! Event ends on 26th April 2020.

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