Award-Winning Puzzle Platformed ‘HUE’ Is Coming to Mobile Platform

If you are wondering what is HUE? Let us tell you that it is a puzzle-platformer game. It was released first in 2016 on PC and Consoles and was also ported to Nintendo switch in 2019.


Hue is developed by Fiddlesticks and publishes by Curve Digital, and it looks like, that publishers have decided to bring HUE to the mobile platform.

Hue is coming to the Mobile platform on 23rd April 2020, and a mobile release date trailer of HUE has also been published, which you can have a look at below.

About HUE Game:

In Hue, the player explores a grey land while searching for their missing mother. The player can uncover colored pieces, which, when matched against obstacles, will cause them to disappear, revealing new puzzles.

As the player progresses and unlocks more colors, the game’s difficulty increases with more colors being needed to complete puzzles. There are eight colors to find in this game, and in order, the player finds sky blue, then purple, then orange, then pink, then dark blue, then red, then yellow, and then green. Also, to mention, the credits are very, very long.