Free Fire Introduced Dino Strike Event To Get Rainbow Dino Bundle

Free Fire keep on introducing new events in the game to keep the game interesting for the players. And you all know, Free Fire has various bundles that make your characters look quite amazing.

If you remember, Free Fire introduced the Dino bundle series in the game a long time ago, but if you missed the chance to grab them at that time, here is your another chance, don't miss it out.


Free Fire has introduced a new event 'Dino Strike' in the game, in which you get an assured chance to win the Rainbow Dino Bundle from the Dino Bundle Series. This is a 'flip box to win' event, in which you have to flip 9 boxes, each of having a reward for you to collect. The Rainbow Dino Bundle is also hidden in one of the boxes. The event period is from 3rd April to 9th April 2020.

You click on the boxes to open them but keep in mind every box can be flipped once and remains open after you open it. You have to spend diamonds to flip the boxes, and the cost keeps on increasing with each spin. As there are 9 boxes, so you will definitely get Rainbow Dino Bundle in 9 Spins. Apart from the bundle, there are various other rewards available to collect.

Diamond Cost For Flips:

  • First Flip - 9 Diamonds
  • Second Flip - 19 Diamonds
  • Third Flip - 29 Diamonds
  • Fourth Flip - 39 Diamonds
  • Fifth Flip - 59 Diamonds
  • Sixth Flip - 99 Diamonds
  • Seventh Flip - 199 Diamonds
  • Eight Flip - 299 Diamonds
  • Ninth Flip - 499 Diamonds

Rewards to be collected in Free Fire Dino Strike Event:

  • Resupply Map Playcard (3 Days)
  • Top Gamer Scar Box
  • 100 x Universal Fragment
  • Carnival M4A1 Box
  • A124
  • Cheerful Bunny - Parachute Skin
  • 199 - Magic Cube Fragment
  • Songkran Surfboard
  • Rainbow Dino Set

If you get the Rainbow Dino Set in the last spin (of which there are very high chances), then you have to spend a total of 1251 Diamonds, but after receiving the Bundle you won't regret it. So grab your Rainbow Dino Bundle from the Free Fire Dino Strike Event before it gets ends on 9th April 2020.

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