Free Fire 'Explosive Jump' Mode Is Coming Back Soon

Free Fire is getting a new OB21 update that is going to bring new characters, a new pet, new mode, and much more in the game. Through various articles, we tried to share with you the upcoming features of the update. Now, the official Patch Notes of Free Fire OB21 update are also out. After a lot of hype, the Free Fire OB21 update is finally making its way to the game tomorrow (8th April 2020).


The developers on the official social media pages of Free Fire has mentioned that 'Can you guess which mode is coming back soon?' A picture has been attached in the post to give the hints about the mode. Let's have a look at the official post below and guess which mode is coming back.

If you still could not get about which mode the developers are talking, then I would say you are not a true Free Fire Fan. Because, by looking at the Grenade Launcher and Jumping Shoes, the old but gold 'Explosive Jump' Mode strike into my mind.

If you don't know, let us tell you, the Free Fire Explosive Jump mode was introduced in the game around a year ago, but later it got removed. In this mode, 20 players jump from plan on a small area of the Bermuda map, and just like the casual match runs for looting. But the twist is, here you get only one weapon that is called 'Grenade Launcher.'

By wearing the 'Jumping Shoes,' you can make a double jump rather than the normal jump, and the 'Grenade Launcher' also called MGL40 is a 5-ammo Grenade Launcher capable of throwing grenades around 200 meters away. Keep on looting and defeat the enemies to become the last one standing. No need to worry, you get MedKits and other necessary things just like the casual game.

So get ready for jumping high into the skies with 'Jumping shoes' and blasting your enemies with the 'Grenade Launcher' with the Free Fire 'Explosive Jump' mode. There is no announcement about the re-release date of this mode, but you can expect it sometimes after the release of Kapella Patch in the game.

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