Monster Fable By IGG Is Avilable For Pre-Registration

IGG has started taking pre-registration of its puzzle Role-Playing Game (RPG) 'Monster Fable' on Android devices. In this tile-matching puzzle game, you have to raise adorable pets, manage your homestead, and save the world from crisis.


On this magical adventure, you will be accompanied by your Bookmon; you also get to meet new Bookmon companions along the way. Start with capturing Bookmon and help them in growing stronger by evolving and raising them. The powerful team can help you on your adventure, progress in stages, and become the Grand Magus.

The game has casual tap-to-clear gameplay incorporated into battles. By tapping on the screen, you can release skills with gorgeous animations and be awed by the stunning audiovisual effects. The beautiful 3D graphics of the game varies with scenes and maps and bring you a complete management and construction simulation experience.

The game also has a Guild System, which offers you the feature of gathering Magi from around the world and form a guild. You can also team up with your guildmates to battle against the giant Bookmon. Deploy your strongest Bookmon to defend and battle for your territory with the fellow Magi.

In Monster Fable, you can also interact with the Bookmon Companions in the real-world using its AR mode. There are various other features such as Bookmon Training System, where you can deposit your Bookmon in your friends' cottage for daycare and training. You will never feel alone on this adventure because Bookmon and friends are always there to accompany you.

Monster Fable is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.