Melbits World Is a Cute Puzzler Available Now for iOS

Melbits World from Doublethink games is a cute puzzle-platformer which was released first on Playstation 4 and also for Steam last December. Melbits are tiny creatures who are responsible to keep your devices malware free.


These little guys can do anything to protect the devices you love but they need your help because the evil viruses are spreading over all the devices. To stop them you will need to collect all 6 runestones by running and jumping across 6 different colorful worlds. These stones will help you to get rid of the viruses in each world.

There are in total 72 levels so there is a whole lot of content. These levels will have their own unique traps and mechanics and you can customize each level by changing the overall aesthetic. Even the little Melbits can be customized by putting them into new gear. Melbits is now available on App Store which is priced at $4.99 and also on Steam


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