Evil Hunter Tycoon is a unique town planner for iOS and Android

SuperPlanet's Evil Hunter Tycoon is a town management simulator where you are assigned to build a destroyed town which has been ruined by Dark Lord. The game is expected to release on 31st March and it is available to pre-register for Android and iOS devices.


You are the town chief so you will have to look after every thing from Town construction to craft, sale, and training Hunters, where you will have to create facilities for them which include Infirmary, Restaurant, Inn, a Blacksmith shop where new weapons can be created and a weapon shop from where those can be bought.

Hunters will have different classes which includes traits and other abilities so you can consider these while bringing the hunters to your town. If you think that hunters are lacking in some area you can build a separate Academy for them.


You can even learn secret techniques and various other skills which will give you an edge. Once the hunters reach level 10 they will be able to reincarnate themselves which will make them even more powerful which will unlock new class and additional traits. Challenge other town hunters and explore various dungeons to get rare materials and precious treasures.

If you pre-register Evil hunter Tycoon you will be rewarded with 20,000 gold and 100 gems so if you want to grab 'em head over to App Store and Play Store

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