‘Dig it!’ – A Fun Puzzle Game Has Just Been Released, Download Now!

I am someone who plays casual games when I am waiting for something. If you are also like me then you will love this game which we are going to talk about in this post. So ‘Dig it!‘ is a brand new Puzzler which has been developed by ‘Raketspel‘ and has just been officially released.


In Dig it! game your ultimate goal is to dig with your fingers and guide the ball to the cup. It might feel super easy, but mark my words ‘it’s not’. The game features more than 180 Levels, which keeps on getting tougher as your progress.

In short Dig It! is a full package – easy, simple, fun and also free to play. The game provides realistic Physics which encourages logical thinking and creativity. And this is the reasons the game has already crossed half a million downloads in just a couple of days since its release. You can also Download Dig it! Now from Appstore and Playstore and have some fun!