CrossFire: Warzone Is Available To Download In Early Access

Joycity has released its mobile Strategy game 'CrossFire: Warzone' for Android devices in early access. This game is a masterful mix of Simulation, Strategy, and RPG. Your aim in the game is to defeat terrorists in real-time combats to reclaim cities controlled by them and to stop massive organic weapons that threaten humanity.


You have to create your base of operations by collecting resources and you can make your army by training troops. With the support of your army and Superior weapon, technology dominate the battlefield. There are 25 heroes available in the game to choose from and each of them with unique abilities to provide you a new gameplay experience every time.

You can also expand your sphere of influence by building a city and conducting research with alliance members. So keep on participating in the city takeovers to make your own peaceful city.

'CrossFire: Warzone' is available to download on Google Play Store in Early Access.


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