Spirits of Anglerwood Forest is now available for Android

Mike Braverman's Spirits of Anglerwood Forest is a new story-driven adventure game where you have to protect yourself from the spirits of the forest. The game is now available for Android devices and an iOS version will be out soon.


You will be playing as Edgar Fenn, a simple farm boy whose father taught him a strange ritual and the very next day his parents both disappeared. You will join Edgar on his journey through the Angler Forest to find his parents, now the forest is also famous for stories of missing children and paranormal activities. The game's atmospheric autumnal setting is also inspired by early 20th century North America.

spirits on anglerwood 2You will have to play the game in two parts one in the day and other in the night. In the night you will have to go through the woods by using your lantern which will help you in avoiding spirits coming in contact with you. As you explore the woods in the night in the day you will have to survey the area and talk to the residents near the forest. There are 12 chapters in the game and you can unravel various mysteries, meet new people, learn where Edgar grew up and what exactly happened to his parents.

spirits os anglerwood 3Spirits of Anglerwood has a beautiful artsy style feel to it really interactive and the game can be fully enjoyed when you use your headphones to fully immerse in the it. The game is available on Play Store as a premium title and will be available on App Store too some time later.

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