Man vs Missiles: Combat - Beginners' Guide, Tips & Tricks

Man Vs. Missiles: Combat is a new addition to the series from Spiel Studios. This game is available both on Android and iOS so that you can enjoy it wherever you go. The game is all about dogging endlessly incoming of missiles while you pilot a tiny red plane in the open skies. 


You might try flying recklessly, but it will not do much benefits. However, you can always rely on this guide to help you survive much longer and other tricks that you can perform while several feet above the ground.

Better Planes Fly Fast

Your starting plane will not be the one that you want to fly when missiles are chasing your back. Just try to bank enough coins to buy a new plane in the shop. But do remember, coins are not the only resources you should need; better planes have level requirements too.

Unfortunately, leveling up in Man Vs. Missiles is not an easy task. You must complete a particular set of objectives in a single go to level up. Keep practicing and level up to gain access to better and faster planes. This will help you to fly faster than missiles and dodge them easily.

Circle Around The Missiles

As already mentioned, the initial plane that you receive is just a terrible piece of junk. Your flying, as well as the turning speed, are extremely poor. The plane will not stand much longer in front of those clingy missiles. If you want to stay alive for long, try to make missiles chase you in circles.

This strategy will help you dodge them without much problem. When they are closing you, take a quick turn and keep steering in a circular path. Try this on other directions as well to keep them off your tail. Better planes will make this strategy more effective, so make sure to master it.

Killing the Missiles

There are no weapons mounted over the plane, so practically there's no way to shoot down the missiles. They will pile up at your tail and will eventually kill you. But, they explode when they run into each other. This will probably provide some more time to plan your next move. The previous tip can help you to pull off this move.

When you swirl around, the missiles will definitely hit each other and explode. A quick change in direction can also make them collide with each other. Damaging the missiles will provide you bonus coins, and the quantity depends upon how many can you blow up at the same time.

Earn Coins- By Hook or by Crook

Earning coins in the game is very important. They help you to buy new planes and other necessary equipment. You know that blowing missiles reward you with bonus coins. But that won't give you much; a safer option is to earn by watching video ads.

This offer will pop on your screen after every run. Clicking on it will give you 20% of your score in-game coins. That's a considerable amount if you manage to make a good score. Also, watching ads in the shop will give you a fixed amount of coins.

Man Vs. Missiles is available to download on both Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, respectively.