Play High Stakes Hide and Seek in Hidden Survivors, Available for iOS and Android

Hidden Survivor is a hide and seek game with survival and shelter-building elements layered on top of it. The game originally released back in December 2019 and has been downloaded over 100,000 times since then.

You're tasked with keeping a group of anime schoolchildren alive for as many days as possible, with the counter resetting to zero if they all die. To keep them alive you'll have to gather resources to upgrade their Sanctuary and keep their spirits up and hunger and thirst at bay.


To do this you'll take part in a high stakes game of hide and seek with up to 9 other players in PVP. You'll be spawned into a map and randomly disguised as an everyday object. Periodically, you will earn resources that are linked to the object you've transformed into, such as getting water by being a bucket.

You can't just sit in a corner and reap the rewards though, the playable area of the map will constantly shrink throughout the 3-minute matches, meaning you'll have to stay on the move. There's also the seeker to avoid, which any player can become by picking up a pick item called the reset potion.


Once they've grabbed this item, they'll have 30 seconds to run around and kill the other players, earning themselves some bonus resources. The other players will have to hide as their chosen object – you can transform into different objects by tapping them – in sensible places.

Of course, if you grab the reset potion first, you'll become the seeker and will have to hunt down the other players. Occasionally, the game will reveal their location too so you roughly know where to look, though you can expect other players to have moved once that happens.

If that sounds like your kind of thing then you can download it for free on the App Store and Google Play. Though it's free-to-play there are IAPs available.