Little Misfortune finally gets a release date for iOS and Android

Little Misfortune is a gorgeous game where a girl gets persuaded by a voice in her head which lures her into a dangerous forest. The game already has a PC version on Steam and Origin and the developers did release a demo version for Android devices but now the game will be officially out on 13th February for both iOS and Android.


Little Misfortune is an interactive story, where every decision you make will have a consequence. It is a story of an 8-year-old Ramirez Hernandez who wants to gift her Mommy eternal happiness. But meanwhile, she finds a new friend Mr. Voice who leads her into the woods and this is where things start getting dark and mysterious.

The game will be released as a premium title, Little Misfortune was launched on Steam last September, and it got pretty good reviews. The game looks really innocent but is equally dark and gives that cute vibe when Ramirez speaks because she has been given the human voice. Also the art by Natalia Martinsson completely blends with the narrative.

If you still want to get a gist of the game, there's a demo version available on Play Store and the final version will be released next month on App Store too.

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