OneMan Is High Intensity Beat'em Up Available For Android And iOS

OneMan is an intense punching title from independent developer Francis Entereso where you punch as many guys as possible and stay as long as you can without taking a hit. Its a simple control game that will test your skills to the limit.

Oneman has various playable characters and multiple customizations options to choose from, like different outfits and animations. This feature can be unlocked when you score over 1000. So it's a challenge to get up to this number, but once you reach the reward is pretty sweet.


There is one exciting mode in this for skilled players where the rapid succession of taps puts the character into 'Berserk' mode in which special buttons will start appearing on the edge of the screen and on tapping will give you invincibility for 3 seconds and hit as many guys in the given time. The game also has a classic time attack mode too.

The developer is also pushing a big update next month, which will tune some mechanics in the game and add in-game rewards. OneMan is currently available over the iOS App Store and Play Store.


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