Project River Is An Upcoming Title From SIGONO Famous For Their OPUS Series

Project River is an upcoming game from Sigono who earlier developed The Day We Found Earth and Rocket of Whispers from the OPUS series. The game is still under development, but you can watch the teaser and see what they have got in for you.


Now from the teaser, it looks like it has s sort of anime feel to it, and it has a vault in the end, which is storing ancient treasures that can be looted. It also has an adventure feel to it, but if you have played Sigono's earlier games, you might know that their games are rich in visuals and graphics, and Project River is no exception.

Project River is still in its development stage, and there is no fixed release date as of now also, there is no news on whether this game will make its way on to android and ios, but their earlier games did release on both the platforms. Let's hope that it will also be available for mobile devices.

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Check out OPUS: Rocket of Whispers on App Store and Play Store.

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