Colony Conflict: Advanced War Is Available To Download on Mobile Devices

Sphinx Entertainment has released its Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game 'Colony Conflict: Advanced War' for both Android and iOS devices. This has been specifically designed for Sci-Fi fans where you experience multi-line attack and defense on the open battlefield, the battle for the resources, colonize to develop and conquer the galaxy.


The matching system of the game is innovative which makes you matched with global players from different countries. By making yourself strong enough you can rule the space. For this, you will have to lead your troops and rush to the battlefront driving your starship and conquer the battlefield.

There are various tactics that you can explore like Attack, Rally, Feign, Spy, and defense. But keep in mind, only the strategist with the most brilliant brain can siege the enemies in their strongholds. With time, your heroes get evolved to enhance, equip them with the light saber. The aim is not only to win but to win with the least loss.

Get Colony Conflict: Advanced War from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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