Manage Your Esports Team In 'Esports Life Tycoon'

Esports Life Tycoon is a management simulator on mobile by U-Play Online in which you get to make your esports team, hire new players and win tournaments around the world. The game is now available to download on both Android and iOS devices.


Managing an Esports team is not an easy task. You will not only hire the best players but also make sure that they are training well, work on the team chemistry so that they can win matches and earn big. As your team keeps winning they will be earning more so you get to upgrade their gaming mansions, hire Psychologists, coaches and other professionals so that the team performs well.

The hard training before the matches will be tested in a real-time simulated MOBA match. The decisions taken by the manager will affect the team so make sure you make the best decisions to take your team towards victory.

Esports Life Tycoon available to download on iOS App Store and Google Play Store as well as on Steam.


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