PUBG Mobile Update Leaks - Introducing 'Soldiers Operation' Mode

After the leak of PUBG Mobile New TDM Map, a new leak about upcoming updates has come that is about new mode 'Soldiers Operation.' This is just like a normal battle royale mode with added skills features, which players can get from in-game crates. This is going to make PUBG Mobile more interesting, by the 5 Soldier Skills that are going to be available only in this mode. 


To use these skills, players have to collect several pieces of material scattered around the ground and use them through the machine skill menu. The effectiveness of skills gets increased by collecting these articles. By picking up the material required for other skills and using it in the machine skill menu, you can easily switch between the skills.

Following Are The Skills Provided

Deployable Shield

By using this skill, you can put a shield which can be used as a cover from the enemies. But we are not aware whether the shield can be destroyed or not. There is a quite long cooldown of this skill, around 110 Seconds or almost 2 Minutes.

Jumper And Healing

By using this skill, you can jump very high and also can heal your teammates. For jumping, you just need to tap the jump button, but for healing your teammates, you need a special bullet. By firing the special bullet at a teammate, You can give a healing effect to him.

Speed ​​Booster

As the name itself suggests, by using this skill, your movement speed increases for a few moments. This skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds. By using this skill, you can escape from the enemy's attack, but it won't be that helpful outside the Blue Zone, as it has a very short duration effect.

Grapple Hook

If you ever tried the Elysium ring, then you must be familiar with grapple hooks. By using Grapple Hook, you can jump to the place where you hook your grapple, which can be a box or building. The cooldown of Grapple Hook only around 10 seconds.

Manufacturing Table

This is a supportive skill; by using a manufacturing table, you can make your Armor and Helmet of level 3 from whatever Armor and Helmet you have. While using this skill, be of being hit by enemies.

There is no official announcement about this feature, but as you can see in the images, it is around the corner. The developers may take a long time or may release it soon. But whenever it is going to release, it will make the game more interesting.

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