Call of Duty Mobile Crossed over 30 Million Pre-Registrations, Makes New Record!

Are you guys waiting for the next Call of Duty Mobile Beta Version? well, it will take time. But meanwhile, during this time, Call of Duty Mobile has made another record. As you must be already aware that Call of Duty Mobile Version is developed by none other than Tencent Game in Partnership with Activision.


You must also we aware of the fact that Tencent is the also the developers of Pubg Mobile and let us tell you that Pubg Mobile has two version, one is the Global Version which all of us plays, and then there is the Chinese Version of the game which is only available for the Chinese Players and all the updates comes in the Chinese Version like weeks before the actual version to test it out.

Thus, similarly, the Call of Duty Mobile version also has two versions, one Chinese and other being the Global Version. Today the Chinese Mobile version of Call of Duty has crossed 10 Million Pre-Registrations.

If you are interested in Pre-Registering for the Call of Duty Mobile Chinese Version, You can do so by Clicking Here.

And if you guys remember in one of our previous post in the month of May 2019, we informed you that COD Mobile crossed 10 Million Pre-Registration on Google Playstore. Well, that was 2 months back so just guess the current number.

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Other than that Call of Duty Mobile is also available to Pre-Register on other App Stores like TapTap. thus our guess is that it must have crossed over 30 Million Pre-Registration by now.

So for sure whenever Call of Duty Mobile launches it is going to be super trendy and might kill Pubg Mobile too, and the developers are also taking a long time to make the game perfect before the Global Release. So let’s just wait and watch, what the future of the game holds.