Puzzle Pelago Is A Premium Puzzler For iOS & Android: Download Now

If you are into the base building or puzzle games, then Puzzle Pelago is the one to look out for. Developer Hallgrim Games has updated the iOS version with new content, and the android version is now also available.


The game is updated with extra 40 levels, which comes to a total of 100 levels; also, some tweaking is done to make. The game is even recognized as a Drag & Drop Economy. That might sound a little boring, but the game is straightforward, all you need to do is drag and drop the buildings in the desired location.

There are over 13 different goods to produce and deliver, and more than 100 islands to discover and rebuild. The graphics are really pleasing and attractive.

The game has its PC version available on Steam and also on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
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