'Alpha' by KANAME Is Now Available On Google Play Store

Developer KANAME has brought their Nintendo Switch's game for android. It's a single-player action shooter, which sounds pretty easy! But it's not. This game will push your skills to the limit. It also has its PC version on Steam and of course, on Switch. Check out the trailer:


The game has an average playtime of 2 hours, but it depends on how much time you will require to get control of the game. Dodge the enemy bullets and by using your sword and make way through the stages.

Also, there is no such thing as autosaving the game once the game is over; you have to start it from the beginning. So that would make it annoying, but that's what makes it unique and challenging. You need to work your way around, try and understand the moves of the bosses to master that level. You also get some handy items like shields, bombs, etc. to save yourself.

Download Alpha from Google Play Store.

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