Everything You Need To Know About Arknights English CBT

Hello mobile gamers, Arknights is getting a Closed Beta Test (CBT) soon, and in this post, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about the Arknights Closed Beta Test. The information has been collected from the official discord server of the game.


The release date of the Closed Beta Test of Arknights has not been disclosed yet, but it has been assured that it will be released soon, and the developers are all set to release it as per the schedule. All the data will be wiped just after the CBT.

The CBT will be followed by an Open Beta Test (OBT), and this time the data will be carried over to the Official released. All the gacha rates in the English Version are going to be the same as the Chinese Version. The content progression is also going to be almost the same as the Chinese version, so it can be said that the developers are trying to get the Chinese Version synchronized with the English Version.

It is expected that the previous collaborations will be taken into consideration while releasing the English Version to make the game more interesting. The English Version will also offer players the buyable merchandise.

The developers have said that Arknights is officially compatible with Emulators. iOS users will not get the opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta Test. There are no restrictions on streaming or recording the gameplay in the CBT.

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The pre-registration of Arknights English has already been started, and there are exclusive rewards for pre-registration, which will be made available to you immediately on release. After the beta tests, this game will be released at the same time on both Android and iOS devices.

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