Things You Should Know About Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode is finally here, we hope you guys are enjoying this new mode in the game with your friends. However, the mode is not supercool as everyone expected but its decent. Anyways today in this post we are going to share with you some information about the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode which you should be knowing, so let's begin:



If you haven't already observed let us tell you there are 3 types on in-game zombie mode which you can choose to play from.

  • Normal Raid
  • Hardcore Raid
  • Survival

In normal raid mode, your team will go through 8 zombie waves and then face a boss. Hardcore Raid mode is pretty much the same. It's just more difficult and you will face 12 zombie waves before going to fight against the boss. Lastly, Survival is also the same concept, it's just doesn't have any boss, and you go on fighting against zombie until your whole team dies.

Some Tips and Tricks

  1. Don't play with random players. Always try to play with your friends as Zombie mode requires good coordination.
  2. In Boss fight always stay away from the Zombie Boss as it can kill you with just 1 blow.
  3. Use Instant Revieve whenever available - what's the sense of saving it?
  4. During boss fight make sure to keep your team spread.
  5. Switch to Knife and run when low on health. Because Zombie is slow asf and they will never catch you xd!

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How Should You Play Zombie Mode?

  • You start the game with a Pistol and trust me it ain't worth it. Get yourself a SMG or Rifle ASAP.
  • Kill Zombies and earn more points so you can use them to unlock traps, upgrade your weapons, and upgrade your skills in Zombies Mode in COD Mobile.
  • Repairing Windows is important.
  • After a couple of rounds go downstairs and search for more ammo and different Guns.
  • Use Buffs that increases your weapons skills by spending coins.