Free Fire OB23 Update: New Character 'Elite Hayato' Ability & Details

Free Fire OB23 update is all set to release on 29th July 2020 and is going to bring a lot of new features to the game, such as the new character 'Luqueta,' new pet 'Mr. Waggor', new gun 'AUG' and much more. You can check out information about upcoming features with Free Fire OB23 update.


In this post, we are going to add one more new feature to the list that is another new character called 'Elite Hayato' and also called Hayato 'Firebrand.' So Kelly is going to get a new friend as after Elite Kelly, we are getting this Elite Hayato. The new Hayato is entirely different from the old Hayato.

Like every character of the game, Elite Hayato also comes with a special skill called 'Art of Blades.' His special ability reduces the damage taken by him on the front body. At level one, it reduced frontal damage by 35% for 6 seconds and after that requires a cooldown time of 50 seconds, but firing interrupts the ability.

When Hayato is firing at someone, his ability does not work; otherwise, it is a clear advantage to the player with Hayato in the face to face fights. So at the time, he starts firing, he bears the actual damage. Also, his skill is going to be an Active Skill similar to DJ Alok.

To use Elite Hayato's ability, a button will appear on your screen when it will be ready to use. It can also be switched with other players' abilities as Free Fire recently added feature to swap Active skill of players. Like other characters, Elite Hayato also comes with its exclusive 'Hayato's Firebrand Set.'

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