Pokemon Masters Game Review – Gacha Catch‘em All

The latest release of the Pokémon Masters by DeNa Co., Ltd. is the newest trending game on the play store. Pokémon Masters is a mobile game made in gacha-style mechanics. This game is a little different from the conventional Pokémon Go mobile game. Here, instead of collecting Pokémon, you have to collect the trainers.


Pokémon Masters is very easy to understand. In this game, you are a nameless character that goes to Pasio to participate in Pokémon Masters League. In order to play in the league, you have to recruit several other trainers and level up the skills of their Pokémon. At present, there are 65 trainers and the number will increase with every update. These trainers are from well-known Pokémon games. For example, characters such as Kris from the Pokémon Crystal, City Gym Leader Marlon from Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, and many more. Every Sync Pair is a trainer and a Pokémon. You are not allowed to change a Pokémon that a trainer possesses. This is the limitation of gacha-style playing; however, Pokémon Masters begins with 18 chapters and every chapter has a Sync Pair available for free which are very helpful.

The storyline of the game consists of chapters that give you a glimpse of the battle. The interaction with the characters in the game is realistic and for average Pokémon fan, the experience is simply awesome. However, the game is not completely realistic as it lacks a stamina control system. You can play for the time you want without caring about certain items and recharges. This feature takes the game one step ahead than other Pokémon mobile games.

The action battles in Pokémon Masters are amazing. The moves that you use regenerates over time. The mechanics used in this game are similar to other Pokémon games but relatively basic. Pokémon in Pokémon Masters show no resistance and have only one weakness, so they are very easy to judge. The automatic battle option gives you an advantage to not pay attention for full time. However, this option is slow and doesn’t work strategically.

The animation and graphics along with the dialogues are very good and they take the game to the next level. Pokémon Masters is a multiplayer game but it is not a player vs player; rather it is a co-op play. Co-op play mode works well, however, it is slow as all three players are connected at the same time. The presentation of the game looks good, but the backgrounds are pretty static. The characters are quite static too but they show emotions as they communicate and fight. The battles are also simple with a little animation. Pokémon Masters is available to download on both Google Playstore and iOS Appstore.