Man Vs. Missiles Combat Game Review: Get Into The Bright And Blazing Combat

With lot’s of new addition, Spiel is here with its sequel game Man Vs. Missiles: Combat. The fun casual game where you fly tiny tot plane, take down the enemy planes and survive in the sky. Unlike its previous game, now the plane has its own missile and guns to shoot back to the enemy planes. It also has a health bar this time. You are no longer only running from others but also hitting back to your enemies. It’s free to play game including in app-purchases. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Let's find out If this Chapter-2 of Man Vs Missiles is really a mind-bending or not in this game review.

At the highest altitude, your tiny tot plane is stuck with the enemies plane which you have to take down with the limited plane lifeline. It’s a simple game without much complexity. Destroy your enemies with guns and save yourself by not getting hit by the planes. The game goal is simple i.e. surviving. There are several combat missions which you will undertake, from simple survival in the air to take down the enemies jet. As the level gets up you get to unlock various planes and can shop VIP planes, guns, shield and boosters to survive longer in the sky. You only got 3 lives for which you have to spend coins to get back in the air and getting coins is no cup of tea. Although, there is an option of watch ads to double your reward and you also get your daily coins which will make it easy to get going. But certain things n the game will open at a specific level. The game has two modes, career, where you have to complete objectives to unlock level and the other mode is a tournament, where you have to compete online to win free coins.

Its one-joy stick control makes the control easy but the plane takes a long hour to understand that. It sways after you swipe it in directions to rotate it hitting directly into the other planes and could not give a good chase. Controls became a little uneasy at first, it could become fun if you master the controls, hopefully. The game sound sounds good with the roaring plane engine from the starting though, the firing sound is not really more animatic but still good. The developers did a good job by giving it fairly good game color not too shady nor bright simply sober. But it soaked in only two-three colors which will get too much for your eyes after some time.

There is VIP access in the game which runs on a 7-day free trial after that you have to pay. You have an option from the weekly and yearly pack. The VIP access gives you the ad-free game, unlock all the planes and get daily coins. But not necessary if you don’t want to go for it.

Overall, the game is good light and bright, where all you have to do is run, chase and survive. Either you played the previous game or not it does not affect your gameplay as it totally on you and on your tastes. But if you are a fan of Man Vs Missiles, then you must go for it. You can download it from — Google Play Store & Apple AppStore.