IGG Has Started Pre-Registrations of ‘Galaxy Mobile’

Hello Mobile Gamers, IGG has started raking pre-registrations of its mobile real-time strategy game ‘Galaxy Mobile’ on both Android and iOS devices. In this game, you embark on a Galactic campaign and lead a galactic fleet to conquer the galaxy. Before that have a look of Galaxy Mobile trailer below.


In Galaxy Mobile, you have to plan and develop your space station and produce the fleets with the unique ship designs that are showcased in stunning animations. There are a lot of beautiful planets, planetary discs, stars, and even black holes which you can make part of your territory.

There are also the outer reaches of the galaxy which you can also explore in Galaxy Mobile by taking full control of your fleet. The capabilities of your fleets can also be enhanced by using the variety of skills provided by the officers. You can cooperate or compete with the elite commanders from around the world! Get ready for proving yourself perfect from the rest and pre-register for Galaxy Mobile.

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