Downwell Will Be Available For Free From 20th To 27th September

Hello Mobile Gamers, Devolver Digital is going to make their 2D platformer vertical shmup roguelike action mobile game 'Downwell' available for free on the Google Play Store for a week starting from 20th September to 27th September. It was removed a while back from the Google Play Store of the change in policies of Google regarding using the player's data by the companies. But nothing matters now, because Downwell has returned on the Google Play Store.


The above-attached screenshot has been shared by a user on Reddit, this is a reply to the E-Mail which he sent to the developers after the game got re-released. From this screenshot, the intention of the developer to make everything right with the players can be seen. If you have purchased new Downwell from the Google Play Store, then you can send them an E-Mail (on and aks for the refund, then you can download the game for absolutely from the below-given link.

Click here to Download For Free On Android

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