Machinal Instinct By Pomelo Games - Game Review

Machinal Instinct is an arcade RPG game developed by Pomelo Games. Pomelo games have developed a handful of games such as Once Upon A Tower, Bullet Boy, Griddie Islands, etc. This game is a great addition to their collection of games. The detailed game review is given below.

Machinal instinct is an action RPG game. This game is actually a fighting game between two robots. The two robots are controlled by animals. The game occupies less space on your device around 188 MB. It offers good graphics and gameplay.


This game is a typical RPG game, where you'll have to collect different kinds of robots, upgrade them and assemble an ultimate team of robots. You can also change your pilot, upgrade your robot's defenses, canons, legs, arms, etc.

You can upgrade your robot by using money. Money can be easily obtained by progressing through the game. Winning games will earn you trophies, which will increase your league ranking. It is a very simple game, and it is very childish. This game is better suited for kids because, for adults, there are other better games of the same genre.


Machinal Instinct is available to download in Early Access for Android devices from the Google Play Store.