Top 5 Tips and Tricks You Should Know About Requiem by Erich Sann

Hello, game survivors. How’s your time going on inside the Grandpa’s dungeon? It’s hard to survive this old Grandpa as he is twice as smart as our Granny. Well, no matter how smart he is we, the gamers, will always be ahead of him. Requiem by Erich Sann, a horror story which is developed by IndieFist with some spooky characters is a fun play but hard to get out of the clutches of these characters. 


So, here we brought to you Top Best Trips & Tricks to escape from this evil antagonist in this sinister and terrifying game. Let’s go —

Here are the Top 5 Must-Know Tips and Tricks About Requiem by Erich Sann:

Use Hole Walls To Hide

There are several holes in the wall to escape from one room to another. But you can also use these holes to hide from the old guy, as he cannot get you here and avoid hiding in the lockers as much as possible. Well, yes these lockers are meant to hide but don’t do it unless necessary. As it seems Erich Sann has some good eyesight and hearing power possibly hear and could see you enter in one of these.

Divert Him Throwing Cans

Yes, there are lots and lots of soda cans and they are here on purpose. You can use these cans to send the old guy away from you. Throw these cans in the room to make noise due to which the old guy lure into one side and you can easily escape to the other side using holes.

Make Ads Your Friend

Watch ads to know where to find the next item. As it is quite a labyrinth inside, the ads will help you to find the next item without going astray.

Run Zig-Zac If He Is After You

If the Grandpa or other rogue characters sees you and starts chasing then run zig zag. By doing this you can buy more time to get away from him without getting caught. Get banana peel or stone to make him unconscious.

If he sees you then don't make a mistake to hide in a locker or behind the closed doors because then also he'll chase you there. Just run zig-zag and find something to hit him.

Play On Ghost Mode

Players, for your convenience, who cannot make it into the dungeon with Grandpa can go for the ghost mode. In this mode, he can’t see you, hear you or even touch you. The fun thing is he’ll present there with you inside and only you can see him, hear him, and even touch him. Yes, in ghost mode you can also hit him & could easily explore without getting hunt by the Grandpa.