Real Cricket 19: Top 5 Tricks And Tips to Play Perfectly

Nautiles Mobile has released various versions of cricket. Real Cricket 19 is the latest which has gained immense popularity from all the people who love to play cricket virtually. It is one of the first games to allow multiplying options amongst the different opponents in the world. However, the game can be very difficult to play initially due to a lack of proper cricketing knowledge. These 5 tips and tricks of Real Cricket 19 will help you to overcome the difficulty while playing.


Top 5 Real Cricket 19 Tricks And Tips You Should Know:

Team Selection is very crucial

If you like batting, then you will be tempted to take more batsman in your playing XI, and the same is the case for bowlers. However, selecting an ideal team will only increase your chances of winning the match. When you select the team, make sure to check the ratings of each player. An ideal and the more effective player is the one who has the rating above 80. A perfect team combination is 4 main batsman, 2 batting all-rounders, and 5 genuine bowlers. The five genuine bowlers that are selected should be according to pitch. If the pitch is hard and the weather is cloudy then go for more pacers. Whereas in a normal pitch or a green pitch, spinners are more predominant to take wickets.

Singles are better than no runs

You will be always tempted to go for glory hit on almost every ball – that is the nature of the game. But the game is designed in such a way that you may end up losing your wicket. Therefore, initially, it is advised to keep the ball grounded and play the backfoot option on the ground. Also, some wrist spinners are difficult to pick and they give you an opportunity to hit the big shot if you continue your run bank.

Play little early and play little late

Judging the pace of the bowler is critical when you bat. So, here is the tip that will be of great help to your reflexes. When a fast bowler is bowling, then play a shot before the bowler releases the bowl from his wrist. The exact opposite thing is to be done while playing a spinner. When you encounter an off-spinner or wrist-spinner, play the shot only when the ball is released from the grip.

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Which areas to bowl?

When you’re playing the multiplayer option, then you don’t know how well your opponents' batting skills are. You can easily judge this by bowling a stump-to-stump yorker-length ball. If the batsman connects it well, then shift the line away from the stump, but keep the yorker delivery intake. Even after this, if the batsman hits you, then surprise him by bowling a quick bouncer little wide from his playing stance. This way, you may end up chasing a relatively easy target.

The Dirty Trick

Now you should not use this trick as it is against the moral spirit. But at a time when you’re really pissed off by your losing streak, then you can save some of your rewards by this dirty trick. The trick is, when you’re about to lose a game in multiplayer option, then just quit the game for 1 minute. This will result in no contest and you won’t lose any points.