Top 5 Best Android Mobile Games Under 25 MB

If you’re an avid gamer, then even a standard 64 GB storage mobile will not be enough to keep all your favorite games. So, we have selected a few games that are under 25 MB. You might be surprised by the fact that some games with lower storage space have equally good graphics, gameplay, and storyline compared to higher storage games. These games are so well optimized that they do not drain the battery at a higher rate and provide fun just like other big games!


Here Is The List of Best 5 Android Mobile Games Under 25 MB Which You Can Download And Play on Your Mobile Devices:

Prison Escape

Prison Escape is the number one prison theme open world escape game. In this game, you have to launch the escape plan systematically and break out from the prison to prove your innocence. Now, the graphics and the whole storyline of the game are simply amazing. A game just of 20 MB provides you 30 missions, different weapons, and sneaking options to kill the enemy with ultra-realistic 3D effects. The controls are very easy and the game is not difficult to play. If you’re looking for a way to escape from the monotonous action games, then Words Mobile’s Prison Escape is the perfect game for you.

Modern Sniper

Candy Mobile’s Modern Sniper is just a perfect package. This game will only occupy 10 MB space, but give you the experience like never before. The gameplay is very simple. Being a modern sniper, you have to shoot the criminals and eliminate a mob of enemies on the street level or even take out the single high-profile target from a distance. The game features over 50 crime shooter missions to complete with realistic 3D graphics, unique maps, and stunning locations. You get access to sniper rifles and assault rifles, and you will have to rely on your marksman skills to accomplish the mission. With so much to do under 10 MB, Modern Sniper is a must-play game. 


This game was released before many years so the graphics are not that great, but if you’re looking for a game just to pass your time then BMX Boy racing game will serve your purpose. There is a total of 90 levels in the game with 3 different terrains. Your bike can do various cool tricks while racing. The gameplay is very simple and the whole game is controlled by just two buttons. One accelerates the bike, while the other makes it jump in the air. You can slow your bike to show some cool tricks in the air to earn rewards. 

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Die in 100 Ways

CanaryDroid’s Die in a 100 Ways is a funny game. One of those game which makes you laugh at its gameplay. In this game, you have to save yourself by accomplishing very simple tasks, and if you fail, then you die in a funny manner. As a gamer, the lives of the cute characters are in your hands. Unlike other games, this game doesn’t have a stereotypical killer, monsters or demons, but Death itself kills you. Your job is to prevent the happenings that can lead to death. There are many action-packed mini-games in the game depicting different situations that you have to overcome to stay alive. This 9 MB game will give you one of the best experiences of your life.

Auto Thief Gangster

You must be familiar with GTA, isn’t it? Auto Thief Gangster is a game just like GTA. Although the graphics and the storyline are completely different, you can easily figure out the similarities with the classic game. The option to hit the citizens and take over their vehicles, fly random planes and accomplish various criminal missions are some of the unique features of this game. You get to make your way in Liberty City, San Andreas, and Las Vegas to accomplish some of the missions. The game size is just 25 MB and works well on all the android system.