Barbie Granny: Horror Game 2019: Tips & Tricks

Hello, Horror Game Lovers. How you're surviving is going in the granny house? If you haven’t tried the Granny in the latest version as Barbie then download it from Google Playstore, you will surely get chill under your spines by looking at this newly Barbie Granny which has been developed by SANEK Studio. Here we are presenting some tips and tricks that will help you survive longer inside the Granny’s house or if you would be a true survivor then you’ll able to escape from her clutches.


Top 5 Barbie Granny Tips and Tricks to Save Your Skin in This Horror House:

Collect All The Items At One Place

As in the game you can only pick one item at a time, try to pick and collect all of them at one place. So that it will be easy to find them for the next time. Otherwise you keep wandering around and slaughter by the newly Barbie Granny.

Trick Granny

Well, no doubt the granny is as smart as a whip which can even hear your breath, but you can tricky trick her by running showing your back and hiding in secret spaces before she catches you. It looks tough but try doing this to survive longer in sweet granny’s house.

Trick her by giving your hoax presence. Make noise at one side of the house to deceit her and run another side of the house by using a tunnel.

Trace Her Movement

You can also keep an eye on her from the false flooring but be alert as she can also see you through the holes.

Use Other Spaces To Hide

There are many hidden doors which you can use to hide from her like a basement, secret areas, attic as she's rarely go there. Move there on the spur of the moment before she gets you.

You can also hide behind room doors. If she’s coming, hide behind the space of open door without making a noise. She will not catch you (depending on difficulty mode) and avoid hiding under beds, cabinets unless necessary as they are just made to outwit you.

Trick Her Into The Basement

When you are stuck in the basement or to trick her at one place, knock down the stick behind the door and then run towards the right fleeting above the stairs leaving the granny down the basement.

If you are finding it too hard even in at easy mode then play it in the practice mode, when granny is not at home. You will learn about all the items and its uses before getting into the final clutter. The best thing of a practice mode is this you can explore the house without any hindrance and can also prepare a mental map to escape next time with the granny in house.

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