Flight Simulator 2017 FlyWings Free: 5 Tips and Tricks To Fly Like a Pro

All the Flight Simulation games that are developed these days are very realistic but most of them are not available for free. Only Thetis Games and Flight Simulators have developed FlyWings series from 2016 that is equally realistic and most of the features in the game are available to play for free. Initially, you would be taught the basic skills on Cessna, but as you gradually get more flying hours many aircraft open up for you to fly. Amongst which Bombardier Learjet and Airbus A320 are available for free. They are difficult to control and fly if you won’t follow the five tips and tricks mentioned below.


Always Keep the Header Indicator in Check

When though you know how to fly, you won’t go anywhere unless you have the proper knowledge about the direction. Once you take-off from the runway, you have to follow the route as prescribed in the header indicator. The head of the aircraft on the indicator tells us the direction in which we are heading. You can also click on the indicator to know the approximate time and distance left to cover our destination. This trick helps us to decide when to descend our aircraft as it slowly approaches the runway.


It may happen that sometimes you tilt your device to such an angle where it might go out of your control. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to calibrate the controls again with respect to your playing position. To do this, click on the Header Indicator and there you will find the calibration option. Once you calibrate the aircraft under your control, just tap on the screen and everything will get back to normal.

How to use AutoPilot Effectively?

Sometimes you may choose a route which might take over an hour to complete the journey. In such cases, the AutoPilot option will very helpful. After take-off, it is very important to stay in the given direction as shown in the header indicator. Stay on the fixed altitude and click on the autopilot option. Remember, do not press the ON button immediately. Set IAS setting to 400, vertical speed to 200, direction degrees as shown in header indicator and altitude as seen on the display screen. After giving these inputs press the ON icon. This option will keep your flight moving for hours until you disable it to take back the controls manually. It is important to turn Auto-Pilot option off when the runway approaches for landing.

Know How to Use The Flaps

Flaps are located on the trailing edge of each wing. They extend upwards as well as downwards. The aim of the flaps is to generate more lift at a slower speed. While take-off, extend the flaps to 15 to have a smooth lift experience. However, when flaps are extended fully to 30 during landing, they reduce the speed of aircraft. Flaps are very useful as they save a lot of fuel when power generated from the engine is utilized for sudden speed reduction.

Trick To Have a Safe Landing

Landing your aircraft is more difficult than it seems. Even if you have aligned the plane in line with the runway, there are chances that your aircraft might bounce back from the surface. To avoid this problem, first of all, throttle down the speed of the aircraft to half, extend the flaps to 30, pull your landing gears down, and do not forget to apply the brakes. You will experience the aircraft slowly drifting down as it approaches to land. Extent the nose up, so that the landing gears touch the ground first followed by the nose gear.

Flight Simulator 2017 FlyWings Free is available to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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