Chess Rush Review – Just another Auto-Battle Game

After the original Dota Chess was adopted by Dota Underlords and Auto Chess created a revolution in the auto-battle genre, Chess Rush developed by Tencent Games is also following the same route. Chess Rush is similar to that of Auto Chess and Dota Underlords except for some new features for which you should try this game. And today in this post we are going to discuss all this and give you a Detailed Game Review of Chess Rush.


The basic gameplay is virtually the same as is seen in every other Auto Chess battle game. You have to purchase your heroes, train them and get the bonus points for your troops, and then place them strategically to fight the auto-battle against the army of your enemies. The winner is judged based on the last person surviving until the health reaches zero. The board on which the gameplay occurs is similar to that in all the other games. However, the difference found in the game is about the allocation of items. Here, you are allowed to put the same item on the same heroes multiple times to upgrade them.

Since Tencent Games is the largest game developing company in the world, the graphics of Chess Rush are alluring. The Heroes in this game are similar to the ones in Dota Auto Chess and Underlords, except for they are designed in a unique and attractive manner. For instance, Werewolves who are the beast-like warriors transform into Lycan in Dota Underlords.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is not used properly in the game; thereby the concept of playing it strategically is flaw. In Auto Chess the players get to pick all the same heroes in first go, whereas in Chess Rush only three-forth of the heroes from the previous match can be used ahead. In some cases, gamers also experience a bug where the heroes stay still while opponents attack them. The problem of server connection is encountered by the prayers playing from a low RAM android device. Chess Rush is 70% luck and 30% skill because even if you have strong heroes, you may end up on the losing side.

Unlike the other games where the battles may last for over 40 minutes, Chess Rush is designed for the gamers who want to play a game only for a short time. The 10-minute battle concept is drawing a large section of gamers towards this game. There are many modes in the games, but the coop mode provides the best experience to the gamers. The assets to be bought from the shop are expensive compared to the credit provided by the game.

Chess Rush is available to download and play via both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.