Everything You Need To Know About Clash of Clans 7th Aniversary Update!

Clash of Clan a.k.a COC one of the most legendary mobile game by supercell has completed it's 7 years on 2nd August, And to celebrate the same the developers of the game planned a special update just for this.

The new clash of clans 7th Aniversary Update will have loads of new features such as New Troops (Party Wizard), New Skins, New Seasonal obstacle and a lot more.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Clash of Clans 7th Aniversary Update:

New Clashiversary Obstacle

Last year it was caked, this year its Balloons! Every year at the time of Clash of Clans Anniversary, we get a new seasonal obstacle. In this special 7th Aniversary update it's going to be orange looking ballons. The ballons will also give you extra elixir if you remove it.

Warden's Party Skin

In this New Clash of Clans Aniversary Update, it has been officially announced that Grand Warden will be getting it's very first skin. And it's based on Party Theme. Warden's Party skin will unlock at tier 1 unlike in past.

New Party Wizard Troop

This is probably the biggest part of the update, New Troop! In this clash of Clans anniversary update, New Troop - Party Wizard, which is similar to normal wizards but more powerful and faster will be added to the game.

Other Features:

Other then these 3 things mentioned above, there are a couple of things which will be there in this new Clash of Clans Anniversary update, which are:

  1. New Anniversary Offers
  2. One Gem Resource Boost for the entire week.

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