Download "Divinity Saga" by NetEase Games

Hello Mobile Gamers, in our last post about Divinity Saga we told you about the pre-registration and the release date of the game, but now the wait is over because its 6th August today, and the game has been officially released. Divinity Saga is a mobile strategy game which has been developed by NetEase Games and has been published by X.D. Global. You can download Divinity Saga on both Android and iOS devices. Before downloading and playing the game have a look of the game trailer below.


In Divinity Saga you play as a god and lead your civilization from savage to prosperity. In order to do that you need to summon your heroes in legends and epics who will lead your troops. Your main aim is to expand your territory by conquering the ancient wonder and to immortalize your civilization. Divinity Saga has many innovations like the accumulation of resources by various buildings is the basic gameplay of SLG games but this game has much more than this, such as.

If you are not being able to break into the opponent’s main city, then it would be the best option to occupy his fortress first and build an archer tower at his door. You can achieve different strategic intentions in Divinity Saga such as long-range attack and joint defense through the free layout of your building.

In Divinity Saga there are five races available that can be summoned in the form of the cards such as; Humans, Elves, Beasts, Undead, and Titans. You need to recruit your heroes and train them to be the mainstay of your civilization. Different heroes have their own unique skills which can be used for conquering the field. Reasonable training and collection of skills will make your economy develop faster and your army invincible on battlefields.


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