Clash Royale End September Update Complete Details

Another TV Royale video have been published, and it's time for us to decode it for you guys and find out what exactly is everything that is coming to this Clash Royale End Septemeber 2019 Update. But beginning let us tell you that in short this update is not a major update, it is more kind of making the game ready for the huge season 4 update which will be coming to Clash Royale Game next month. Anyways so let's begin:


Here is Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale End September 2019 Update:

Party Button Replaces 2 vs 2 Button

The very first thing announced in this TV royale video is that in the next Clash Royale update '2 vs 2' Button shall be replaced with Party Button. Inside the Party, Button players can find various game new game modes including the original 2 vs 2 mode. It is also rumored there might be a 3 vs 3 mode.

New Triple Draft Mode

The triple draft mode has been completely overhauled, with you now getting a choice of three cards instead of two. Also, since there are now two extra cards, your opponent won’t get both. Instead, you will make 8 different choices in each battle; making it simpler to choose a deck that really works.

New Card

A Sneak-Peak of the new card which will be added to Clash Royale in Season 4 update was thrown light upon, all we know as of now is that it is going to be an elixir monster. According to Seth (Community Manager at Supercell), this new card will be low cost and powerful, but it comes with a twist.

Other Changes

  • New Tiebreakers: each tower will slowly lose health in overtime (basically whoever did the most damage will win)
  • Clan leader rotation: if a leader is inactive for 35 days, leadership will move to a co-leader.
  • Crown Rush: new 1v1 extra event which will give you double crowns
  • Transparent timer: you can finally see through the final 5-second countdown