BEINGAME LIMITED has Released its New Survival Game "Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival"

Hello Mobile Gamers, BEINGAME LIMITED has released its new survival game "Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival", you can download the game by link given at the end of the article. But before downloading and start playing the game here is a little bit about, what the game is! Zero city is a strategy and survival based game, where you are supposed to return hope of humanity. For doing this you have to find out the last people alive and and have to create the shelter for the people, where the rescued people can stay and recover, before it gets too late for the planet.

In this adventure you are in the middle of the deserted city, which is full of a lot of zombies. Your mission is to take the rescued survivors with you and explore the new areas of the city, destroy the living dead, and to find the way back to your country by conquering the cities. Your underground base had the basic rooms, which you can use for developing resources, or where your workers can also rest and develop the new technology which will help you in fighting against the zombies.


To conquer the cities teach your people new skills, upgrade, and let them show you you what they have learned in practice. And keep in mind, every survivor counts, so allot every survivor some work, because there is always something to do for everyone. Give armors and weapons to those who are going to control the city and advance through the different levels in Zero City to defeat the zombies in each area.

You are not the only survivor, but you are the strongest survivor. Create your mighty, invincible squad by inviting your friends in Multiplayer and PvP modes to dominate your enemies arena's tournament or attacks on other shelters. Show the other's who is running the show in the open confrontation!

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Click here to Download on Android

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