BLIZZARD'S New RPG "Diablo Immortal" Releasing Soon: Pre-Register Now

Hello Mobile Gamers, BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT Inc. is going to released its new mobile MMORPG game "Diablo Immortal" very soon. As now many PC games has been shifting into mobile games with that Blizzard has also shifted it's focus away from PC games and releasing it's all new mobile game "Diablo Immortal", which is an all new mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game (MMOARPG) which has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment, partnership with NetEase. This game is directly connected to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III, it means that all the unfolded events will be disclose in this part and all the unrevealed stories will also be followed up in this game. You can pre-register for the game by going at the link given at the end of the post.


The story of the game is, there's a treat to the world because of the uprising of the Diablo's most powerful lieutenant: Skarn, Herald of Terror, who has formed a new army and plans to resurrect Diablo, by gathering the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone. So you are supposed to stop the demonic armies from reaching at their objective. In this game there is hacking, slashing, looting and six classes of character to choose from named as barbarian, monk, crusader, wizard, demon Hunter and necromancer, with variety of new in-game abilities. This game will provide you a mobile Diablo experience and has new zones and dungeons which makes this game more interesting.

The controls of the game are well adopted to touchscreen mobile devices. From the left side of the screen you can move your character, and can use the different abilities by simply tapping over the buttons and choosing the desired direction. In Diablo Immortal players from all over the world can join the forces to take down the evil.

So if you are an Diablo fan then what are you waiting for, it's Pre-registration has already been started Android, you can pre-register for it by going at link give below.

Click here to Pre-Register for Diablo Immortal

Note: Pre-Registration for iOS will be starting shortly.

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