Is Auto Chess The New Trend After Battle Royale?

If you are a Mobile Gamers who loves trying out news trending games then in the past couple of weeks you might have noticed that there are multiple Auto Battle games releasing recently. This new genre of games has already hit the industry by storm and already taken over Battle Royale games.


How Did Auto Chess Came into Existence ?

In early 2019 Dota Auto Chess gained the attention of the gamers, we are talking of mod version of Valve's Dots 2 which became an instant hit and became one of the steam's most popular games within few days. Dota Auto Chess crossed over 1 Million users, a number which was not surpassed since 2017.

Dota Auto Chess (Dota 2 mod)

It took no time for the developers to understand the enormous potential this had, and thus the project became independent and took its own life. However, Dota 2 was a mod of old Warcraft 3 that also took a life of its own. Thus, valve and Drodo Studio (creators of the mod) came to an agreement that they would each launch their own Auto Chess game.

Battle Royale vs Auto Chess

Auto Chess Games makes it Way to Mobile.

However, the success of Auto Chess Genre was just not noted by the original creators. Various other Game Developers had an eye over it and they were also now keen to launch their own Auto Chess Games. You can find some of the popular Auto Chess Games below:

1. Chess Rush: The game is developed by Tencent. The story behind the game is simple, Tencent owns Riot Games, which created LoL (League of Legends). They've also joined the Auto Battler game mode within the original game. However, as we know Asia has the strongest Smartphone Gaming Market. That's why Tencent recently launched Chess Rush, its own rival in the genre while Riot is Still working on the official Adaption of League of Legends on Mobile.

Chess Rush

2. Auto Chess: Developed by Drogo Studios, who is the creator of the original mod. The game is currently only available for Smartphone, however, as a partnership between EPIC games, you can now expect the game on PC anytime.

Auto Chess

3. Dota Underlords: Developed by Valve, who is also planning to release the game on PC soon. This game also has the honor to call itself the first video game launched on smartphones by the company.

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