MaskGun Multiplayer FPS Review - A Promising Shooter Game!

In the world of Fornite and PUBG Mobile, MaskGun developed by June Gaming is nothing new, but it sure is promising and once started you won't know where did your time go.

MaskGun is a multiplayer FPS game which is inspired by Counter-Strike. The game lets you enjoy three different game modes, namely Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Bomb Defusal Mode. The game supports up to 10 Players in a single match, who can play against each other at the same time in any of these modes. Thus, you don't have to worry about leaving your friends sitting out as in PUBG Mobile because of that 4 Player Barrier.


MaskGun gives an option to choose from many available Maps, thus making each match interesting. The Controls in Maskgun are Simple, Straightforward, well designed and optimized for the touchscreen devices. However, a little more option to customize your controls such as moving the place of the map, etc. would have done no harm. The game has automatic firing options thus, making it easier for beginners to learn and enjoy Mobile FPS games.

MaskGun is so addictive that you should track the time while you play or your might miss a Meeting, as I did.

Mobile Mode Gaming

What impressed me most about MaskGun is that the game is under 100 MB on Google Play and after downloading also you can expect the game to not take over your Smartphone's storage, maybe just a little bit extra. Lastly, MaskGun is a free to play game however you sometimes might feel the need to pay money to get better at the game which is somewhat discouraging for players like me. Also if June Gaming could lessen the number of Ads in the MaskGun, then it would be great.