Everything You Need to Know About Garena Free Fire Upcoming Update

Hello Free Fire Players, Garena Free Fire is going to get a new update very soon, which is expected to hit the servers on 27th or 28th June, 2019 (tentative). As the Free Fire Developers are working hard on making the game more interesting day by day, it shows that the new update will bring a lot of new things into the game. This article has covered the major changes which the new update will bring into the game.


1. New Character: As the Garena Free Fire has the tendency of introducing characters, gender wise in the alternative order. so after "Laura" a female character, the developers are going to introduce a male character "Rafael" in the game in this upcoming new update. Rafael is a deadly character and if he fires at someone then he will not appear on the mini map for 8 seconds, which is its dangerous skill.

2. New Pet: A new pet will be added into the game, which will be a Panda. Its skill is that it will recover your 4 HPs after every kill and if you reach at level 5 with this pet, then it will start recovering 7 HPs on every kill.

3. New Gun: A new gun "MGL140" will be added into the game. It is a launcher, which uses 40mmSR ammo, it throws the grenades but its damage is not much sufficient to kill whole squad in one magazine, but it is enough to support your team in killing enemies. But it will not be available in Classic or Ranked Mode, it will only be available in the new mode, which will be added by the developers in the upcoming update. This gun will give an average damage of around 100 on each shot.

4. New Hook Gun: A new "Hook Gun" will be introduced into the game. This gun will be scattered around the map and the ammo of this gun will also be not rare. By using this gun you can move from one place to other nearby place easily. You need to aim towards a wall or any object then tap to fire. A rope will go from your gun to that object and will get hook there, and then it will pull you towards that object. It can be used to go near the enemy without letting him know your location. Because if you will go by walking you footsteps sound will let him know about you. So by using it you can surprise your enemies.

5. New Grenade: A new grenade named "Building Grenade" will be added into the game. It will work same as Glue Wall, like by using Glue Wall you can make wall to get you a cover. This will also be the same thing by using this grenade you will be able to make a small building to get a cover or to get a height to aim at your enemy. You can make one above the other to reach at a top view.

6. New Machine: A new machine will be added into the game by which you can throw it on the ground and it will become like a ground embedded machine gun and it will start attacking and giving damage to your nearby enemy. It can be destroyed by shooting at it or through any other damage to it. It will disappear as soon as you get dead.

7. New Rank: A new rank "Grand Master" will be added into the game in the upcoming update. This will be above Heroic, so now you need to reach at "Grand Master" rank in order to reach at the highest rank in the game, not only Heroic.

8. New Zone: A new zone named "Toxic Zone" will be added into the game. These areas are highly coercive areas that appears randomly anywhere in the map like the danger zones. If a player is in this zone then his armor will start getting shredded and the player will start losing HP when armor is completely gone. So try to get out of this zone as soon as possible.

9. New Kit: A new "Repair Kit" will be added into the game which will help you in repairing your armors. These kits will work same as the Med-Kits. You need to apply them to repair the damage dealt.

10. Auto Pick-up: Now there will be an option available to customize Auto Pick-up settings. Earlier the player used to keep on picking up the things automatically until the bag gets full and then you have to drop them manually. But by this option you can set up the Auto Pick-up settings that which things should be picked-up automatically.

Other Minor Changes

1. A brand new Login Screen will be added.
2. M79 will only be available in drops only, it won't be scattered around the map.
3. Hot Zone was there in Bermuda only but now it will be added into the Purgatory as well.
4. CG15 gun will be removed from the Casual and Rampage Mode, now this will be available only in Ranked Matches.
5. The Gold Royale stuff will now be available to buy in Shop Section.
6. A new Section by the name of "Media" will be added into the Lobby.
7. New Emotes will be added into the game.

So these were the changes which will be added into the Garena Free Fire in the upcoming update. The tentative date of the upcoming update is 27th June, 2019.

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