Free Fire Wishing Well Event: How To Play?

Free fire has introduced a new event in the game called 'Wishing Well.' The developers are offering Gun Box, Backpack skin, Pet Skin, and Parachute Skin absolutely for free through the Free Fire Wishing Well Event. The Free Fire Wishing Well event is live in the Free fire between 22nd May 2020 to 31st May 2020.


As you enter the event lobby, you will get to see 4 tabs consisting of Gun Boxes, Backpack Skins, Parachute Skins, and Pet Skins. Each of the tabs has 6 options, out of which you can select only one. So, select one-one choice from all the four tabs that will be shown on the right side of your screen.

After making 4 choices, you click on the 'Enter' button that takes you to a screen with a bar on the upper side and some tasks at the bottom. You need to complete the tasks mentioned by which you get Energy points. The energy points fill the above bar, which consists of four gifts at 50 points, 100 points, 250 points, and 360 points.

The four gifts are the four items of which you made choices. You complete the tasks mentioned to get energy points that fill the energy bar. Reach the threshold of the energy bar, and you get 1 of the reward you chose. If you reach full energy level, you get all 4 prizes you picked.

The Tasks to be completed includes:

  1. Login - Wish Energy Points (x20)
  2. Play 1 Game - Wish Energy Points (x10)
  3. Play 3 Games - Wish Energy Points (x10)
  4. Kill 3 enemies - Wish Energy Points (x10)
  5. Reach Top 3 once - Wish Energy Points (x10)

The tasks you have to complete daily and don't forget to collect the energy points to complete the energy bar threshold. The tasks to be completed may vary daily.

The Items Available In Prize Pool Includes:

Gun Boxes

  1. Titanium Gun Box (x3)
  2. Pharaoh Gun Box (x3)
  3. Cheetah Gun Box (x3)
  4. Violet Terror Gun Box (x3)
  5. Flaming Wolf Gun Box (x3)
  6. Winterlands Gun Box (x3)

Backpack Skins

  1. Punkster Backpack Skin
  2. Sleek Silver Backpack Skin
  3. Happy Chicken Backpack Skin
  4. Halloween Nights Backpack Skin
  5. Winterlands Backpack
  6. Bunny Backpack Skin

Parachute Skins

  1. Summer Parachute Skin
  2. Taurus Parachute Skin
  3. EBI Parachute Skin
  4. Bolt Parachute Skin
  5. Witch's House Parachute Skin
  6. Blood Reigning Parachute Skin

Pet Skins

  1. Spirit Panther Skin
  2. Lightning Bolt Panther Skin
  3. Detective Cheetah Kitty Skin
  4. Full Steel Pup Skin
  5. Lucky Green Shiba Skin
  6. Magnetic Pup Skin

Get ready to get your favorite skins for free before the Free Fire Wishing Well Event Ends on 31st May 2020.

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