These 4 Tips Will Help You Win in PUBG Mobile Deathmatch Mode

Hello PUBG Mobile Players, are you guys enjoying the New Deathmatch Mode in Pubg Mobile's New Update?. Well in this mode the normal battle royale rules do not apply. Thus to win in this game mode you will have to follow new strategies.


Don't Worry today in this post we are going to share with you guys 4 Tips & Tricks Which will Help you win you next Pubg Mobile Deathmatch Mode Game.

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Pubg Mobile Team Deathmatch Tips

Here are 4 Tips & Tricks to Win in Pubg Mobile Deathmatch Mode:

1. Nothing is Better than Rifles

Choosing the right weapons is always important to win the fight, so during the Deathmatch mode in PUBG Mobile we highly recommend you to use only & only rifles. As rifles give you not only high damage but a high rate of fire with mobility.

2. Choose The Right Grip

It is obvious that all the fights in the Deathmatch mode will be in a short range to medium range. Thus we will suggest you to choose Vertical Grip in your Assault Rifles because it will help you improve your aim accuracy.

3. Cover is Important

PUBG is mostly about, who has an advantageous position. Thus it is very important that you stay in cover and don't give your exact position to the enemies. Make sure to always reposition after killing a enemy.

4. Stay With The Team

Remember you cannot win alone in PUBG Mobile Deathmatch, as this is a team game you have to work as a team to win. Thus stay close to your teammate's so that even though you get killed by an enemy, your teammate will kill the enemy, making it an equal trade.