Erangel 2.0 Map, BRDM Vehicle and Many New Changes in PUBG Mobile

Hello PUBG Mobile players, today we are going to share some information with you which will definitely increase your attraction towards PUBG Mobile, but we advice you to keep it till attraction only not to make it addiction.


PUBG Mobile is going to bring some big changes in the game which will take it to a level that no other game will be able to compete with it. Here are the changes which will be made into the game:

1. New Ledge Grab:

The addition of the Ledge Grab will change the way players move, explore, and survive by allowing them to go where they haven't been able to before. So basically now the players will be able to hang on the walls while jumping just like it happens in the Assassin Creed and some other games. This will make the game more realistic and even players will be able to climb at any place easily.

Upload_1.jpeg - Click to view full size photo
Ledge Grab

2. Erangel 2.0 Map

The version two of the most loved map of the PUBG Mobile 'Erangel' will be introduced in the game by the name 'Erangel 2.0'. The name of locations will remain the same as the original version but there will be changes made in the buildings and the surroundings right there. This is one of the biggest change PUBG Mobile is going to bring in the game and it will definitely make the players happy.

Erangel 2.0

3. BRDM Vehicle

BRDM is an amphibious armored vehicle that has excellent physical protection with a total HP of 2500 which is almost double of UAZ. This vehicle does not have any effect of any bullet fire, grenade, molly, etc. If the players are inside this vehicle then he is completely safe, there is no way to give damage to him till 2500 HP of the Vehicle. There can be the strategic use of this vehicle because it can even be used in water as well.

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BRDM Vehicle

4. New Training Map & New Training Mode

A new training map and a new training mode will be introduced in the game by which the players will be able to practice their aims with all the guns available in the game and will be able to practice with the other weapons as well as vehicles.

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New Training Map

5. Tactical Map Marker

6 new Tactical Markers will be added into the game which will make the communication between the team much convenient. Each of them have a different meaning.
1. Attack: Enemies Ahead. Let's Attack!
2. Danger: Danger over there. Watch Out!
3. Defend: Hold the Point. Defend this Location!
4. Loot: Loot Here. Go Get It!
5. Regroup: Stick Together. Let's Group Up Here!
6. Vehicle: Heads Up. Vehicle On This Marker!

Upload_5.jpeg - Click to view full size photo
Tactical Map Marker

6. Repair Kits

Along with the healing kits some new kits will be added into the game which will repair the Armors which the player is wearing and the vehicles the player is seating over or inside. Vehicle Repair kit takes 8 seconds to repair any vehicle for that the player must be seated in or over the vehicle, but you cannot repair the destroyed vehicles.

Upload_6.jpeg - Click to view full size photo
PUBG Mobile Repair Kit

7. Bizon Canted Sight

A new canted sight will be made available to the gun 'Bizon'. Canted sight is just like red dot but it can be fixed on the gun along with any other scope. While using the scope you will have to just tap a button and instead of the current scope canted sight will appear on your screen, which is best for the close range battles.

Upload_7.jpeg - Click to view full size photo
Bizon Canted Sight

8. Gameplay Balance Update

A new gameplay update will be bring into the game that will balance the loot in Erangel and Vikendi map. This balance update will increase item spawn rate by 28% in the game.

9. New Map

It is also expected that PUBG Mobile will bring a new map in the game by the end of this year. Because this is the tendency of the developers to bring the new map in the game time to time. We will update you soon with further announcements about the new map.

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10. Changes in Blue Zone

  • The Blue Zone's timing gets faster throughout the game.
  • Reduce the Blue Zone wait time in the early phase.
  • Decrease the size of the safety zone at the beginning.
  • Blue Zone movement speed is slowed in the early and mid phase.
  • Damage of the latter magnetic field increases slightly.
  • The latency of the last magnetic field decreases.

So these were the changes which PUBG Mobile is going to make into the game.

Stay tuned for the more latest PUBG Mobile News & Updates!