Could Venezia be the Next PUBG Mobile Map?

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most played games on the mobile and have made a separate place in the heart of the mobile gamers. The developers of the PUBG Mobile always try to keep the game interesting for the players and for the same they brings new updates in the game from time to time in which they add new guns, vehicles, attachments etc. But the thing which has to be noted is that from time to time they also bring new maps in the game, as Erangel was the only map when the game was released, then they added Miramar, then Sanhok and at the end Vikendi was added into the game. At present 4 maps are there in the game.

As the history of the updates and changes made in this game shows that the developers tries to bring new map in the game when they feels that the players are getting bore by playing these old maps. So now the time has come, and there is also a possibility of introducing a new map in the game named “Venezia”.

Reddit user IamEzalor, who was the concept map creator of PlayerUnkown’s Battleground Vikendi map, has been working on a new map named “Venezia”. This map was revealed by him on his official reddit account. There might be a chances of Venezia getting opted as a new map in the coming future in PUBG Mobile as there has been a long time PUBG Mobile did not introduce any new map in the game. So there is a possibility that very soon PUBG Mobile will introduce a new map in the game and that can be ‘Venezia’.

Venezia Concept Map
Venezia 2.0 v. Venezia 1.0

Venezia 1.0 was created eariler, but as there were more bridges in that map as compared to the total number of houses in the Erangel map, this map was reintroduced with some changes as Venezia 2.0 with less number of bridges and houses all around.

What would be the features of Venezia, if introduced?

The concept map Venezia was created by IamEzalor way back, this concept map was based on Venice, Italy. IamEzalor also describes some of the important aspects and items of the concept map Venezia. The Gameplay Idea of the map is that, the players will get spawned at the Aquarails denoted by gray dots in the concept map and when the lobby is full after 10 seconds of cooldown the game for the top spot begins.

Venezia Concept Map
Venezia Concept Map

Venezia map is quite exciting, there will be underwater warfare, small islands connected with small bridges which will serve as heaven for campers and many other aspects of the map make it a potential future map. New vehicles (i) Aquarail; (ii) Bicycle; and (iii) Vespa; and New Weapons (i) Beretta ARX 160(Assault Rifle); (ii) Benelli M4(Shotgun); (iii) HK-911(Under Water Pistol); and (iv) C4 Explosive charge (which can be obtained by crates only) would be there in the new map.

In place of the red zone, there will be a UAV surveillance drone which will reveal the location of the players outside of the zone., which will be deadlier than the red zone especially in a map like this where you can be ambushed anytime anywhere. There will be an underwater pistol as well which means that if this map gets introduced in the PUBG Mobile, you can expect an underwater battle which is quite cool.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG Mobile updates!

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