Marvel Super war Get's Another New Hero Named 'Jubilee'

Hello Marvel Super War Players, The game has been getting a New hero every two days now. This time the game is getting a new energy hero named 'Jubilee'. The hero has been already added to the Marvel Super War Game Beta Test version & you can now purchase & play with this hero.

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After the update of 5th June 2019, the hero Jubilee has been added to the Marvel Super Wars Game. Jubilee Lee is a obviously again a marvel superhero who appeared in the Marvel Comics, & is related to X-Men. She is the member of human subspecies known as mutants, & is born with superhuman abilities. She can generate pyrotechnic energy blasts from her hand.

But is she good enough in the game? That you will have to tell us. Play with the new hero & let us know how good she is, in the comments section below.