Vikings II: Sequel to Vikings An Archer's Journey arrives for Android and iOS

The sequel to Vikings: An Archer's Journey has just landed. Vikings II is a shoot'em up game that is vastly different from its predecessor. The developers, PinPin Team have taken a different direction with the game and tried out something new.

The original Vikings game was launched in 2016 and became widely popular among the gaming community for its fun gameplay and beautiful graphics. It is an awesome action game with simple controls that everyone can enjoy. Looking at its success, PinPin Team has created its sequel but chosen not to follow the same formula.


Vikings: An Archer's Story was a side-scrolling game with you shooting enemies and avoiding obstacles. On the other hand, Vikings II is a vertical scrolling game with a different game mechanism. However, the sequel has maintained the same level of beautiful design and storybook art style.

In Vikings II you will be shooting arrows at enemies appearing at the top of the screen. The enemies too will shoot back at you. You will have to dodge these attacks whilst defeating your opponents. The game will also provide powerups and abilities that will help you defeat the enemy.

The controls are quite simple. You have to drag the character sideways to dodge. The arrows will shoot automatically while you touch the screen. The powerups too will be used as soon as you collect them. There is also an in-game currency that can be used to increase your character's stats in the game.


As with all shoot'em up game, you will also be battling powerful boss characters such as the Kraken, dragons, and even Odin. The game will also provide the option of unlocking and using different Vikings who will have various abilities unique to them.

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